From the Enquirer:

Braves vice president and assistant general manager Frank Wren and Reds special assistant to the GM Leland Maddox will interview Monday.

Team officials then could determine if there is a favorite among the pool of candidates, which now numbers at least nine, or a need to conduct additional interviews with a smaller group of finalists.

Either way, the Reds remain intent on concluding what has been an expedited process next week for the benefit of all sides involved in the search for Dan O’Brien’s replacement.

I’m all for quick decisions and understand that Castellini taking over the team so close to spring training made it difficult, but this seems REALLY hurried to me.

2 Responses

  1. Chad

    I don’t know…why wait? There are things that the GM needs to be doing to prepare for the season. Castellini needs to get someone in place.

    After you’ve interviewed them all, what else is there to wait on?

  2. EricTW

    Honestly, I think the interview is one of the least important parts of the hiring process. You pretty much know the candidates by their body of work to this point…all you’re really trying to do with the interview process is make sure they’re not too stupid to string a few sentences together about their plan for the team.

    I don’t think this is hurried…and I definitely think this team needs a GM before Spring Training starts.