It appears that the Reds have signed reliever Rick White.

I don’t have a problem with this signing, but I don’t believe it gets us closer to the World Series, either.

2 Responses

  1. al

    so hammond, white, merker, and weathers are all in on their veteran reputations, for better or worse. We’re not paying much for that foursome compared to the cash doled out to other relievers this year, hopefully they can be some sort of “bargain.”

    That leaves 3 spots for a lot of guys to fight over. Who’s got the inside track. If simpson looks good in ST i hope they give him a shot because having even one power arm like that can change the complexion of the whole pen. Shakelford did everythign he could last year to assure himself of a spot, and wagner and coffey are the two guys they’ve talked about as future closers. Those are the four guys i’d put in the lead, but there’s also hancock and hudson to think about, both looked good in the pen at the end of last year.

  2. EricTW

    I like the White signing. It will give the Reds a good mix of veterans and younger guys in the pen, and outside of 2003 and 2004, White has been a pretty solid reliever.

    I look for Coffey, Wagner, and Belisle to make the pen out of ST.