Shortstop Felipe Lopez is slated to have his hearing on Feb. 8, while first baseman Adam Dunn will go before the panel Feb. 17. Both cases will be presented in St. Petersburg, Fla.

So, the Reds have a week to work out a deal with Lopez and 2 1/2 weeks with Dunn.

The Enquirer writes:

“We’re still working with both of them to get a deal done,” Kullman said. “I think there’s been progress in negotiations as far as continued understanding by both sides on where the other side stands.

“I’m still hopeful of avoiding a hearing with both, but I can’t predict it with any sense of certainty.”

It’s my opinion that if Dunn goes to arbitration, this will be the first failure of the new ownership group and/or a possible sign that Dunn is more interested in heading elsewhere than he is in staying a Red.

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  1. EricTW

    I think I would wait another year on Lopez, but they definitely need to sign Dunn.