Back in 1990, I recorded all the Reds’ NLCS and World Series games. Lately, I’ve been converting those VHS tapes to DVD, so I’ve been watching some of those games.

Wow. It’s been so long since the Reds have been competitive, I had nearly forgotten how much fun it was to follow a winning team. I’m so tired of watching a team that far too often acts like it doesn’t care whether they win or not. I want to root for a contender again. (Do you hear me, Mr. Castellini?)

I have an idea to return the Reds to a competitive state. What do all the recent great Reds teams have in common? This:

Yeah, I know these uniforms are ugly, but the Reds used the same basic jersey in their last three World Series victories, not to mention that they were the hallmark of the Big Red Machine. It’s time the Reds returned to the pajama-style pullover jersey. It’s the only way they are going to return to the Series.

Or they could add some good pitching. That might work, too.

14 Responses

  1. LVW

    Gettin pitchers that are as good as #5 was a catcher wouldn’t hurt any.:wink:

  2. jprose

    I don’t think they are so ugly. Brign them back as button-ups and I think they’d look classy. Simple. In a Dodgers/Yankees tradition sort of way

  3. Cary

    You could probably make a little pocket change off selling those dvd’s if only you had the express written consent of the Cincinnati Reds and Major League Baseball 😆

  4. Jim McCullough

    I hated the gray road uniforms!

    I personally would like to see red uniform tops for home and black for the road.

  5. EricTW

    I do think that the red uniforms that the guys wear on Sundays are sharp. It’s nice that the Cincinnati Reds actually wear a RED jersey.

    Honestly, though…I do like the uniforms they wear now over the ones they wore in 1990 and before.

  6. Chris

    Those red shirts are awful. Makes them look like a bunch of vegetables.

  7. Jim McCullough

    The red and black look sharp and hip. They get Cincinnati away from it’s holier than thou image.

  8. Chris

    Black uniforms were hip in 1998. Just like teal and purple were hip in 1993. In this area, I’m for tradition. I agree about Cincinnati’s image (reality?), but black shirts doesn’t change anything.

  9. Jim McCullough

    Actually I think they should go with black Speedos and red tank tops.

  10. Chris

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  11. Jim McCullough

    Unless John Kruk attempts a comeback!!


  12. Brian B.

    Love the button-ups from the late sixties, early seventies.

    The all-red Sunday home jerseys are the absolute worst. It looks like (and they playe like) it’s still spring training.

    Today’s jersey’s look best with the black sleeves underneath. The red and white standout a lot better with the black background.