Marc Lancaster reports that Castellini “plans to talk to six to eight people” about the opening.

Marc also reports that former Montreal GM and Baltimore Orioles co-GM Jim Beattie has been hired as the dreaded “special adviser.” Beattie’s portfolio will be pitching. He’s also a candidate for the full-time GM job.

Some funny quotes, courtesy of Baseball Prospectus’s archives:

“Jim Beattie is the general manager we want to be with for a long time to come. Jim Beattie does things that are not recognized in the media. Jim Beattie does not leak stuff to the media. He is professional, and the reason the media doesn’t treat him well is because they only treat well people who leak inappropriate information.”
–David Samson, Expos Executive Vice President
(June 4, 2001)

“It takes him two hours to watch 60 Minutes.”
–an MLB executive, on the deliberate style of former Orioles co-GM Jim Beattie
(Dec. 12, 2005)

Hmmm. . . tight-lipped and slow to act. Sound like anyone we know?

Brad Kullman is also on the list. You may recall he served (with Leland Maddox) as one of the co-acting-GMs after the 2003 Bowden/Boone bloodletting. Kullman is credited with the Jose Guillen for Harang/Valentine trade. Prospectus had a two-part interview with Brad back in 2003. Part I Part II

Marc also says that other candidates might be former L.A. GM Paul DePodesta, current LA assistant GM Kim Ng (with her own Prospectus G&A), and Wayne Krivsky, the Twins’ assistant GM who was a finalist when O’Brien was hired. It should be noted that Krivsky is also a product of the Texas Rangers system.

Lou Pinella is reportedly (by Marc) not a candidate. Marc reports that Lou’s settlement with Tampa bars him from a baseball job this year. I can’t find anything to necessarily confirm that, though there’s lots of reportingt – I suspect that if Lou takes a job, he’d have to repay the Devil Rays a big chunk of the $2.2M he’ll receive this year for sitting on his rear.

4 Responses

  1. JinAZ

    Wow, that Kullman interview is pretty interesting. I’m not sure I always agree with him, but I love that he’s willing to try new ideas and is asking good questions. I’m a bit less impressed with Kim Ng’s interview, though she sounds like a good person to have in the front office.

  2. Ken

    I’m impressed with Ng, but the Reds hiring a female Asian-American is a bit of a stretch.

    DePodesta had mixed results in LA, but I think he could do fine the second time around and without a big budget to sign people like JD Drew to LT deals.