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Update: From

“I want someone in this job who is my choice,” said Castellini, who on Thursday became the club’s CEO when Major League Baseball owners unanimously approved the sale of the Reds. “I told Dan he has worked hard and has worked diligently to rebuild the farm system and scouting department of the Reds and that we appreciate his efforts.”

If I were Jerry Narron, I wouldn’t be feeling too comfortable right now.

Director of baseball operations Brad Kullman will serve as the club’s interim general manager until the position is filled permanently.

Update II: From the Cincinnati Enquirer.

It says basically the same thing as the others.

Update III: Press conference at 5:00. I’d assume it’ll be covered live on WLW radio.

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  1. al

    and not a moment too soon. Wait, no, it might have been a moment too soon, now that i think about it. We still need to sign Dunn and FeLo before they go to hearings, and i’d still like to see Kearns/Pena dealt for a starter. Hopefully we’ll still be able to get things done.

    Thoughts on who’s coming in? Krivsky has often been discussed.

  2. Sean

    I agree. No matter who takes his job, and no matter what deals are done or not done, I think Castellini has firmly grabbed the attention of everyone in the organization. I love it.

  3. Blue

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Kullman has much of a chance to become the permanent GM. I hope he has the opportunity to make some moves in the next few weeks. Maybe then he would have a better chance.

  4. al

    i just heard the press conference and Castellini confirmed that Kullman has put himself forward as a candidate for the permanent position, and that casetellini was “glad to hear it.”

    Kullman did get Harang and Belisle from the A’s, but Claussen is a little sketchier since the reds agreed to a mostly cash deal with the Yanks for Boone, and Selig stepped in and made them do the deal for players.

    So he did bring in Claussen, but he needed the comish to help him out.

  5. Glenn

    Wow, that was fast. The speed of this firing, lends me to believe that there are more heads on the chopping block.
    I agree, Narron can’t be sleeping very well at night.
    OB was held to a higher standard than the Reds organization has been used to in recent years. This will either bring about a winning atmosphere or a reign of terror. Either way, this is going to be interesting.

  6. Brian

    So he did bring in Claussen, but he needed the comish to help him out.

    Claussen was Leland Maddux’s deal.

  7. Joel

    I agree, Narron can’t be sleeping very well at night.

    FWIW, Castellini said that Narron is the manager for the 2006 season and Allen will stay in his new role as well.