Again today the Enquirer has tons of stuff on Castellini and the job that he’s taken on.

Chris Sabo had an interesting comment on Homer Bailey:

Bailey could pitch here (Great American) right now,” says former Reds star Chris Sabo, now working in the Reds’ minor leagues.

“He is imperial,” says Sabo, inflating his chest to show what he means. “Isn’t that what you want? Twenty-five guys like that? Nine of them on the field and the other 16 believing they should be?”

I saw Bailey pitch a number of times last year (3-4) and while I’m very high on his talent and prospects, to say he could pitch in the big leagues right now is, IMHO, just silly. He walks too many people, he didn’t seem to be able to get himself out of trouble, and he didn’t even dominate the Midwest League.

2 Responses

  1. eric

    whats silly is some stat head acting like he knows something about baseball besides statistical analysis. That is freakin rediculous. Let the BASEBALL people decide.

    BTW MORONS…Homers hiogh walk rate had much to do with his work on his change…which imo he doesn’t need. His fastabll and curve are THAT good.

    Hey doug homers second pitch is his curve and it’s one of the best in the minors.

    rolls eyes stat heads are so…..

  2. Mike Rapier

    The type of pitching this team needs since we have a ballpark where the balls fly and not that great of a defense is this:

    High K/9
    BB/9 is not as important as a low OAV. Walk guys just as long as you strikeout the next guy. Walks dont move runners more than one base, its better than singles. Strike batters out and the runners move no where. The whole pitch to contact routine that Gullet was using was idiotic for this type of team.