From the Enquirer:

The new owners have released a letter to the fans:

“Dear Cincinnati Reds Fans,

“We are proud to be the new owners of America’s first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds.

“We’re long-time baseball fans who have grown up with the Reds and have fond memories of going to the ballpark. In our lifetime, we faithfully cheered on the Reds through three World Series championships, six National League championships and eight division titles.

“We know this team truly belongs to you, and we understand what the Reds mean to our city and our region. We know what a winning team can do for a city’s pride. We also understand the unique legacy the Reds hold in baseball history and the potential to reignite an American love affair with the nation’s first professional baseball team.

“It is with a sense of both responsibility and respect that we pledge to Reds fans:

• ” We will bring championship baseball to Cincinnati. The Reds have a long tradition of success. Only three teams have won more World Series than the Reds. We will work hard to be a championship team again.

• “We will build one of the most respected organizations in baseball. As partners in other successful baseball organizations we know how it’s done. We will build a winning management team by putting the right people in the right positions with the right resources to win. We will foster a winning attitude and culture.

• “We will have a greater community presence. We will continue to improve the lives of area children by building on already successful Reds Community Fund programs like the Rookie Success League. Whether it’s providing a way for inner-city children to play baseball or generating funds for charity, we’ll take this outreach to a new level.

• “We will rekindle the Reds Nation spirit. We’ll share our story and our strategy, communicating directly with fans everywhere who want to know what is going on. When you visit the ballpark, we’ll periodically be asking for your feedback so we can continuously improve the experience. Our goal is that you feel a part of the Reds Nation whether you’re at the game, listening on the radio or living in another major league city.

• “We will not rest until you are happy. The Reds are, after all, your team. You buy the tickets. You watch the games. You support us financially and emotionally. Without you, the Reds cannot be great. We know you won’t be happy until the team wins. We won’t be happy either.

“Bringing championship baseball to Cincinnati is the ultimate goal. Like you we believe in the power, potential and magic of the Cincinnati Reds. We will work tirelessly to bring a winner home to you.

“We thank you for this opportunity and hope to earn your support.”

4 Responses

  1. orangeandbrown

    Hey, so far, so good, you know. You might as well be optimistic, right? If he disappoints us, it won’t be the first time, and we survived it before.

  2. Chad

    The King is dead. Long live the King!

  3. Chad

    Good call, Chris. :mrgreen: I may go ahead and cut and paste that and send it to Butcher right now.

  4. EricTW

    You know, if Castellini is serious about reaching out to fans, enabling blog access to some of the goings-on would be a good start.