Has this been the longest off-season ever?

4 Responses

  1. Tom

    :sad:Seems like it will never end. Hopefully by next week Castellini will make moves to get rid of the Allen-OBrien-Narron team. Bring back Jim Bowden for a little excitement.

  2. EricTW

    I think it a bit unrealistic to think that Castellini will get rid of Narron and O’Brien this offseason. I think more likely that he’ll dismiss Allen to bring in his own guy and save the drastic moves until after the 2006 season.

  3. Blue

    Yes, this has been the longest offseason ever. All the trades and signings came all at once around the Winter Meetings, and there has been little or nothing going on in MLB since then.

    And yes, bring Jim Bowden back, if your idea of excitement is to find a way to bring a dozen five tool outfielders to Cincinnati. Why don’t we bring back Bob Boone and Don Gullett while we’re at it? A real step in the right direction. 😯