One of my all-time favorites, Tom Browning, was elected to the Reds Hall of Fame, along with Tom Seaver and Lee May.

I’m happy for TB.

Marc Lancaster has more.

3 Responses

  1. orangeandbrown

    Absolutely agree. Tom Browning is a player I loved. Worked fast, threw strikes, genuine, authentic human being, used often as a pinch runner (bowling over catchers.) He’s deserving of this honor, and he made being a baseball fan much more enjoyable.

  2. EricTW

    Especially considering the amount of problems we’ve had developing pitchers since Browning’s career end. He was a home-grown, good pitcher and it doesn’t hurt that he had the perfect game 🙂

  3. EricTW

    One more thought…I really hope they modify the voting after this year. I don’t think there are two more more on the list from the last couple years that come close to being in the Reds HOF.

    Rijo, Davis, Browning, and Seaver are good inductees, but I certainly do not want to see the likes of Sabo, Morris, Dibble, etc. getting into the Hall.

    I know that it was said that the Reds would do it this way for a couple of years to find good theshhold for moving to percentage voting, and hopefully that starts next year.