Once again, A’s GM Billy Beane sat down for an interview with Athletics Nation.

What are the chances of getting Reds GM Dan O’Brien to sit down for an interview with Redleg Nation? Zero?

3 Responses

  1. Ken

    This shows how wrong some people are about Beane’s “moneyball” strategy. Beane is about winning and exploiting market inefficiencies to locate undervalued players – not just signing fat guys who can draw walks. We should be so fortunate to have such a creative GM.

  2. Brian

    We should be so fortunate to have such a creative GM.Once upon a time we did, Bob Howsam was the Beane of his time, plus he could market baseball like Walt Disney could market mice.

    Bob like the 4 GM’s before him worked for one time with Branch Rickey, the Billy Beane of the Model T era.

  3. Brian

    Branch Richey was probably the anti-Billy Beane since his teams scratched and clawed for runs. Billy Beane would have had a cow when Enos Slaughter scored from 1B on a single

    Branch Rickey exploited the marketplace, invented the Farm System and introduced the concept of on base percentage and isolated powwer to basbeall. Changing the ruls with your noggin is what the book Moneyball is about.

    Branch Rickey would have loved Billy Beane.

    Just like he loved Bob Howsam who did GM much like Rickey, despite your assertions.

    He also believed in looking for power first when looking at a hitter, his Cardinal teams and his Dodger teams NEVER “scratched out runs” tehCardinals during his GM era had the best team OPS, his Dodger squad in teh 40’s were second only to the Cardinals, who were running on the gas that Rickey taught the to aquire.