Over at Red Reporter, JD has an open letter to the new Reds ownership.

4 Responses

  1. Jim McCullough

    That would be so cool!!! Can you imagine that traffic that blog site would get.

    It might not be a good idea for O’Brien to do it since he is so hated.

  2. Tom

    O’Brien need not bother with the blog because he gives us the ‘soft soap’ treatment about everything.

  3. Bill

    I gave up listening to him on Lance’s show last year..between Lance refusing to ask him tough questions (which he’d have no problem bringing up at other times during the week) and OB’s worthless answers, the fact that he was the “only GM taking fans questions on a weekly basis” didn’t really mean much.

  4. EricTW

    It would be neat to see an insider blog like that, but I just can’t see it happening. I guess you never know, though.