This makes me sick to my stomach; from some comments by manager Jerry Narron:

On Edwin Encarnacion at third base: “It would be awesome to see him come into spring training, start the year and play outstanding. That’s what we’re hoping for, and if he does that, he doesn’t have to worry about playing. But having Richie back gives us an alternative, and Eddie’s going to have to play well to go out there and play every day.”

The dye has been cast. The Reds have never been patient with young players, and now we’re already being prepared for EE’s benching in late April or early May.

I told you so.

Go read the rest of Jerry Narron’s inane ramblings, including this gem:

He said he’d like to have either Freel or Womack in the lineup at some positions every day, if possible, just for the speed factor.

In one fell swoop, Narron has taken all the excitement and anticipation I had been feeling for the upcoming season, and he’s flushed it down the drain. There is no reason to believe that we’ll see anything more this year than more of the same.


2 Responses

  1. Blue

    Probably just making sure the kid comes to camp motivated.

  2. Frank Robinette

    It disgusts me that Freel plays almost every day. He makes too many mistakes to play all positions. Let him sit the bench and spare Pena now and then but not in center field. Give Encarnacion and Lopez a real chance.