Over the holidays, I read “Shoeless Joe” by WP Kinsella. It’s the novel that inspired the film, “Field of Dreams,” which is one of the best movies ever produced.

Anyway, what a book! In these dark days of winter, “Shoeless Joe” did an excellent job of reminding me why this game is special, and why baseball has become a lifelong obsession for me. Also, now that I have a son, the story was even more captivating for me.

If you get a chance to read this novel, don’t miss it.

3 Responses

  1. Steve Garrett

    Ccouldn’t agree more. Have read the book three times and seen Field of Dreams about 20 times, including the latest time on cable over the Holidays.
    There is something about the book, the idea the concept of a man and a dream and an overcoming faith, all wrapped up in baseball that enthralls me no matter how many times i see or read it.
    It even inspired me to write a poem to my son as he left for college a couple of years ago. The poem is entitled, “Can we Play A Little Catch IN the Yard?”

  2. James

    I just finished the book myself last week. It was a good book, a little different than the movie though. I have just started “The Iowa Baseball Confederacy,” another book by WP Kinsella. Pretty neat so far.

  3. Brian

    He has several other good ones as well, like the Iowa Baseball Confederecy… Bill you’d really have a belivability problem with that one.

    I’m not big on baseball fiction, but The Natural is still my favorite.