This is getting old. You’ll recall that Freel was arrested on Opening Day last year for DUI.

Unacceptable conduct; I loook forward to seeing how the Reds will address this.

6 Responses

  1. EricTW

    Honestly, this is now his second offense, and I would like to see the Reds terminate his contract.

    Not that I condone it, but I understand how a guy could screw up once. The second time, it’s a trend and this is unacceptable.

  2. Ken

    The Reds should certainly get him some help, but terminating his contract would be a huge mistake. First, that is a very tricky thing to do legally, even with the character clause that is standard in all contracts. The player’s union makes a big stink if any team tries to invoke it (Neagle, Ponson). Even if it can be done, it’s a huge hassle and distraction.

    Second and more importantly, this is our leadoff hitter and (hopefully) starting 2B. I do not mean to condone Freel’s problem in any way, but two misdemeanor drinking offenses isn’t worth cutting someone of his value. Assault or any other serious felony – that’s a different story. But not this.

  3. Anna

    He is married but it’s not his wife’s job to lay down the law.

  4. freelfan

    So what, the guy was arrested in a pool hall. He wasn’t driving a car through the pool hall. Furcal has like 10 DUI’s and had to do time. Look at the contract that guy recieved.

  5. Glenn

    One time: “There but the grace of God go I”. Twice: You’ve got a problem! I hope he faces that problem and gets some help. If he doesn’t, the Reds should cut him loose. Sorry if that sounds heartless, but I’ve been around enough drunks not to have much patience, with people who don’t want the help.