Looks like Bryan Smith at Baseball Analysts has declared Reds prospect Homer Bailey to be one of the most likely “breakout prospects” for 2006:

Homer Bailey (CIN) – 2004 top ten pick, Bailey struggled with command in the Midwest League. His two-pitch combination should allow him to take off once he becomes more refined.

I hope Bailey breaks out, but Bryan picked Thomas Pauly as a breakout prospect last year, and we all know how that worked out.

2 Responses

  1. eric

    with all due respect thomas pauley should have been a breakout pitcher last year…all signs pointed that direction, but once again the curse of the reds pitching prospect comes into full view. Lets hope that isn’t Homers fate, because he is the real deal and if he keeps himself from the injury bug…watch out mid-season in chattanooga.

    btw this guy also picked out some very good breakout candidates last year that did absolutley wonderful.

  2. Chad

    I don’t think Smith was insinuating that Bailey would see MLB time, only that he would have a breakout year and move up the prospect charts.

    I think everyone agrees that Chattanooga is the ceiling for Bailey this year, but he’s more likely to spend the year at A.