The Reds finally worked it out with Rich Aurilia to the tune of $1.3 million for one year, with a mutual option for $2 million for 2007.

This begs a few questions. First, why in the world is Tony Womack on the roster, now that we have Freel and Aurilia? And how long will it take for manager Jerry Narron to bench Edwin Encarnacion in favor of Aurilia if Encarnacion stumbles early?

Finally, how long will it take for Aurilia to start whining because he isn’t playing every day?

Okay, I really don’t have much problem with this signing, in the abstract. In the second half, Aurilia played fairly well, and he’s not a bad option as a backup at every infield position. It’s pretty clear, however, that not a single other team had one iota of interest in signing Aurilia. He wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Enough about that. I’m going to try to be optimistic about the upcoming season.

6 Responses

  1. Billingfan

    The ate $6 million with Danny Graves – they can eat Womack’s $1 million.

  2. Glenn

    You are absolutely right Chad. If there had been any interest elsewhere, Aurillia would not be a Red. The Womack move is still a mystery to me.

  3. Blue

    “I’m starting to think maybe Aurilia will be the full time 2B, Womack will be the 2b,SS,OF supersub, and Freel and his DUI and PI, may be headed elsewhere in a deal.”

    Wouldn’t surprise me, wouldn’t bother me.

  4. Blue

    In the article on the Reds site, O’Brien says Aurilia will be filling in for infield players.

    I would have liked to have had a draft pick, but the more I think about it, the more I think no team was prepared to give up one to get him. I just wonder what the roster will end up looking like. The way I see it, we’ve got 6 bench players, (Aurilia, Cruz, Olmedo, Denorfia, Valentin, Womack,).

  5. al

    an outfielder will be traded, the aurilia deal all but assures that in my mind.

  6. EricTW

    Honestly, with Freel’s latest trouble, I think it’s more likely Freel is gone than Kearns or Pena.

    That being said, if we get a good young pitcher for Kearns or Pena, then I’ll happily trade one of them.