The Enquirer reports that Aurilia’s best “viable alternative” is the Reds.

The Reds and Aurilia have until a Sunday deadline to get a deal completed, otherwise Aurilia can’t re-sign with the Reds until May 1st.

“Both sides are trying to get it done,” Reds general manager Dan O’Brien said.

This creates quite a logjam at 2nd base where Aurilia, Freel and Womack are expected to compete for playing time. Freel could get some time in the outfield, as could Womack. Aurilia can also play SS and 3B.

My concern is that with the signing of another “veteran”, it gives the Reds (never known for their patience with young players) an excuse to give a quick hook to Edwin Encarnacion, if he would struggle early. Encarnacion has nothing left to prove at AAA and isn’t going to improve sitting on the Reds bench. This team isn’t going to contend this year (baring some major move in the pitching department), so even if he struggles, he should stay in the lineup.

Remember what they did last year when Aurilia was handed the starting shortstop job despite being out played by Felipe Lopez in ST and early in the season.

I have no problem with re-signing Aurilia. He played pretty darn well for the Reds after he came back from injury in late May. But it doesn’t make sense to me to have him, Womack, and Freel. But then again, it makes no sense to me for the Reds to have traded for Womack at all.

11 Responses

  1. Billingfan

    If they can eat Danny Graves’ contract, they can eat Womack’s.

  2. Glenn

    If Aurillia comes back? Does the Tony Womack trade make any sense at all?

  3. Brian

    I can see the headlines now:

    Rangeless Vet comes back to town to steal At Bats from Youngsters!!

  4. James

    If the Reds sign Aurilla then I agree, the Womack trade was useless. It seems to me that they don’t have much faith in Freel. What does he have left to prove?

  5. Ken

    Nuthin. I thought they were on to that by giving him a 2 year deal. If Griffey goes down, I’m guessing they slot him somewhere in the OF.

  6. eric

    What does he have left to prove?

    Comment by James — 1/4/2006 @ 4:05 pm 💡

    How about staying healthy for a year.:wink:

  7. Tom

    The only sanity that I can extract from the whole situation is that by signing Aurilia he would become the full time 2B, Womack fills the uber utility man role. This frees Freel up to be dealt, or more remotely, frees Freel up for 3B or CF, freeing up Encarnacion or Griffey for deals.


  8. Bill

    I agree they COULD eat Womack’s contract, but they won’t. Why trade for a guy, negotiate for the other team to pay some of the salary, then cut him?

  9. Glenn

    The Womack trade still gives me that uneasy feeling that either Kearns or Pena will be traded before the season starts. If you step back and look at the roster as it stands now, there’s not very much improvement over last year’s team. Mike Williams is not going to make 15-20 games difference into the win column.

  10. Bill

    I have the feeling of another shoe being dropped also, it’s the only way the Womack trade (especially if they re-sign Aurilla) makes any sense at all.
    That said, I don’t like the idea of trading away any more offense.

  11. EricTW

    If they’re going to deal Wily Mo or Austin for a proven young pitcher, then I’m for signing Aurilia and such. If they’re going to tarde one of them for another Dave Williams, I’m most certainly NOT for it.