… by the Marlins. Thank goodness.

3 Responses

  1. Chad

    Crisis averted. Move on, nothing to see here.

  2. Ken

    Call me crazy, but I get a little nostalgic about Pokey. Of course, I wouldn’t want him now. But he was a key part of that ’99 team. Not much with the bat, but 38/45 on SB attempts and what a glove.

    I remember him getting off to a great start the following year, hitting .300 and leading off in the first year with Griffey. An exciting time for the team. When he began to fizzle, some of the excitement dissipated, IMHO.

    By the way, that 2000 team (85-77) is proof that you can be decent with a crummy staff. Only Neagle was good, and he was traded in July (for what eventually became Wily Mo). Some optimism for ’06.

  3. EricTW

    I know that Pokey was not all that good of a player in ’99, but I’ll say this about him: it did seem that whenever he came up to the plate that year with the Reds needing a big hit, he’d get it, and I did like him for that reason.

    I’m definitely glad he’s gone, but I wish he would have stayed in Pittsburgh…it was just so much fun to say “Pokey the Pirate!”