Looks like pitcher Jarrod Washburn is going to sign with the Seattle Mariners.

UPDATE: The guys at USS Mariner are taking a look at Washburn’s numbers — specifically his 3.20 ERA last year. Based on his peripheral numbers, they’ve decided that Washburn was very, very lucky, and isn’t likely to repeat that feat.

The guys over there are not happy with the Washburn signing, and I’m even more glad that the Reds didn’t ink him to a deal. Check this out, from a couple of days ago:

Tis a dark night, indeed. At some point in the next 48 hours, the M’s will announce the signing of Jarrod Washburn to the Eric Milton Disaster Contract. This award was previously known as the Greg Hibbard Memorial Contract, but Milton was awful enough to own the title outright going forward.

Ouch. Did they have to throw the Reds under the bus gratuitously?

Anyway, they are having some fun with the signing, at least. Look at the list below.

Going shopping for Kevin Millwood and coming home with Jarrod Washburn is like:

Ordering a pupu platter, yet being served a poo-poo platter.

Attempting to buy tickets to a DePaul basketball game, but accidentally ending up with tickets to a RuPaul show.

Drafting Baby Jordan, and then realizing that you came away with Harold Miner.

Going to see Cirque de Soleil in Vegas, but accidentally wandering into the Celine Dion concert.

Hearing Sean Connery is starring in a new film, and then seeing the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

Being setup on a blind date by a friend with a model, and then finding out she was the before picture for a laser hair removal ad.

Funny stuff.

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  1. Brian B.

    Nah, what I hate is the trade you make to save the $8 million, and then do nothing with it. Which, by the way, is what’s going on right now.