Most under-appreciated Red of the last thirty years?

Mario Melvin Soto.


4 Responses

  1. Bill

    I don’t know if he was under-appreciated, when he was on top of his game with the Reds, everyone knew how good he was. He just had the bad luck to pitch for some REALLY bad teams.

    Trivia: Joe Nuxhall taught him the circle change in ST one year.

  2. Ken

    I’m a little too young to remember him, but just from looking at his peak year #s, wow. 274 SOs one year, and it didn’t even lead the league! 216 was tops in the NL last year.

    It’s too bad he pitched 1000+ innings ’82-’85. I’m guessing “pitch count” was not part of the equation then. Incidentally, he averaged about 34 starts during those years. I had thought that the Reds had a 4-man rotation back then, but that must be wrong. Either way, that’s a lot of innings, especially for a power pitcher who wasn’t all that big.

  3. Shawn

    That was also the 1980s, and Mario wasn’t tossing 180 pitches a game, either. But yeah, he gets overlooked, because he never got to the playoffs. He was really great, though, for a few seasons.

  4. LVW

    If you were to go by most underappreciated by the owner it would have to go to Eric Davis.