From the Baltimore Sun:

The Orioles were scheduled to talk with about 10 teams yesterday, and according to one source, there was plenty of conversation with the Cincinnati Reds, who are at least listening to offers for slugger Adam Dunn. The Reds, according to the source, are apparently seeking a package that includes left-hander Erik Bedard.

One Orioles official confirmed that the club is extremely interested in Dunn, a left fielder who has hit 40 or more home runs in each of the past two seasons, but “it’s going to be tough to pry him away” from Cincinnati. The Orioles would prefer not trading Bedard, 25, especially when they have to yet to make any additions to their starting rotation this offseason.

I’ve just glanced at Bedard’s numbers, but this has to be a joke.

3 Responses

  1. Ken

    I hope so. Bedard is a promising young starter, with very good SO #’s a relatively low HR rate. But he’s pitched two full seasons and still doesn’t go 6 IP/start.

    Signing Dunn long-term should be their # 1 priority. He’s already one of the best sluggers in the game and at 26, he should be up there for many more years. Wihtout him, their offense goes from very good to average. A Konerko-like contract (5 yrs/$60 mm) is not unreasonable.

  2. Blue

    Bedard is good, but not one for one trade for Adam Dunn good. Pretty good #s last year, pitching in a division with the ALs three best offenses.

  3. Lewis52mlb

    I live in Baltimore, and a one for one trade wouldnt be so good for the Reds, but Bedard will be a 20 game winner in the near future. He has alot of potential. I dont want to see us trade him because he will be a #1 starter one day. Dont let his numbers fool you. He missed alot of the season with an injury. He started out 6-0, and if he didnt get injured, could have been 18-6. So if you do get Bedard, dont talk trash about him, because trust me, you will regret it later.