Presumably to make room to bring Trevor Hoffman back, the Padres are trading Mark Loretta ($3M for ’06) for Doug Mirabelli. I certainly would’ve considered dealing the Latin Love Machine for a 2b with a 800+ OPS over the past four years.

2 Responses

  1. Ken

    Who is the Latin Love Machine? Pena?

    Loretta is 34, but if he can recover from last year, he’s a great pick up. You’d have to add 50 points in OPS just for switching from Petco to Fenway with that lineup (or to GABP in the 2 hole). Loretta is also relatively cheap (3.75 mm). A solid, underrated move by Boston.

    BTW, San Diego traded Loretta to free up room for their prospect Josh Barfied. Wonder if he’s Jesse Barfield’s son.

  2. Brian B.

    Ken, LLM is Javy Valentin.

    O’Brien is currently exploring the Valentin and Dunn for Doug Mirabelli deal. Hey, Doug’s an “average” catcher to go with our new “average” pitcher.