The rumors of Sean Casey being traded to the Red Sox continue to swirl at the winter meetings. John Fay has a short article on the subject this morning in the Enquirer:

The Boston Herald reported that the Reds and Red Sox are discussing a Sean Casey for Bronson Arroyo and Kevin Youkilis deal.

“We’ve talked to the Red Sox,” Reds GM Dan O’Brien said. “But I’m not going to get into specifics.”

O’Brien has said a trade may mean “moving players around the diamond,” e.g. switching Adam Dunn from left field to first base.

That’s great news, no matter how you slice it. If you’ve been a regular reader of Redleg Nation, you know that we have advocated trading Casey since our inception, with Dunn moving to first base. That gives us a very strong outfield — Kearns, Pena, Griffey — and strong hitters on the infield corners, and at shortstop. Talk about offense….

The question is what we get in return. Arroyo is a decent pitcher, but nothing special. Youkilis (“The Greek God of Walks”) is going to be a very good player, but I’m not sure there will be a spot in the Reds lineup for him…which means he might be tradebait for pitching.

Things are heating up, and I’m glad to see GM Dan O’Brien is beginning to understand the weaknesses of this team. We all love Sean Casey, but he has to go. He’s overrated — mainly because he’s such a nice guy — and we need his spot on the diamond to give to a good hitter.

3 Responses

  1. Tom

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Long overdue. Let’s get it done.

  2. Pinski

    Wow, he only thing that this hurts in my mind is Edwin, but to get rid of that monstrosity of a contract and get a league average pitcher is beyond my wildest imaginations.

  3. Brian B.

    I’m against getting mediocrity in return, especially when there are clubs out there who have the prospects to give. Claussen, Milton, AAA . . . that’s where we’ll get our mediocrity. Pittsburgh and Chicago will be more than happy to take Casey and Kearns for a couple of their many pitching prospects. It would be a shame to get more crap like Arroyo for the crap-heap.