Couple of articles on the new ownership. One is from today’s Enquirer. The second one was from Friday.

I don’t know if they mean anything or not, but I do like the idea of an owner who wants to win NOW and makes no bones about it. And logic says that the only way to do that in the short-term is to spend money, so ….

6 Responses

  1. Jim McCullough

    I think some trades are soon likely. I’m betting on seeing Pena, Larue, and Casey all traded. That doesn’t automatically mean that Dunn is going to 1B though.

  2. Glenn

    I think you are right Jim. The Reds will probably get a 1b in return for Casey. Dunn will stay in LF. I know I’m in the minority here, but I sure hate to see Casey go. Classy guy, good bat, pretty decent glove. He just can’t run and his salary is getting too rich for Cincy’s blood.
    I just hope the Reds get decent pitching in return. My fear is we are going to have another Paul O’Neill situation all over again. Now that I think of it didn’t I see Konerko on our roster at one time?

  3. Tom

    Konerko dropped by for a few months around 1998 from the Dodgers and then was sent to the White Sox when the Reds got Casey from Cleveland.

  4. Chris

    If Sean Casey “pulls a Paul O’Neill,” I’ll eat my hat. And I have a big head, so that’s going to be a full meal. Casey will be 32 at the all-star break, and his closest comps are Bill White (done at 35), Mike Greenwell (done at 32), Hal Morris (done as a regular at 31), and Wally Joyner (played semi-regularly to age 38). O’Neill was only 29 when he was traded, and won his batting title when he was 31.

  5. Glenn

    I hope you are right Chris. That O’Neill trade sort of set the modern standard for me as far as bad Reds trades go.
    The alltime bad Reds trade still has to be the Frank Robinson to Baltimore trade.

  6. Chris

    What?! You didn’t enjoy the Roberto Kelly Era?