Ran across the following article on the CBS Sportline site:

Pena tells Reds he won’t accept part-time role anymore

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Cincinnati Reds outfielder Wily Mo Pena said Saturday that he’s ready to play full time with the team, or they should trade him to another club.

Pena batted .254 last season, with 19 home runs, 54 RBI and 116 strikeouts. He played in 99 games.

“The best thing they (the Reds) can do is to play me or trade me because I no longer want to be on the bench,” he told the Associated Press on Saturday after a winter league game in the Dominican Republic.

Pena, 23, said he’s recovered from back and quadriceps injuries that hampered his play last season and he’s ready to contribute as a regular starting player.

He said he accepted bench time last year, “but for next season they are going to have to give me a permanent position or trade me to another team.”

Pena would be my first choice to deal among the OFs, of course he’s not going to bring us the established top line pitcher we need either. It would take dealing Griffey or Dunn to land a Clement or Vasquez.


3 Responses

  1. Chad

    I agree with Pena here. I’d play him every day and deal Casey, if possible. Then put Dunn at first. That would be a superb offense.

    Yeah, I know I’ve beaten that drum before. I’d be surprised if Casey were dealt.

  2. Sean

    Boston seems like a logical trade partner for Casey, buy they have as much uncertainty in the organization right now as the Reds do. Still, it seems like more major trades are getting done in the winter now as opposed to the July trading deadline; anyone know if this is true?

  3. Jim

    The lack of a GM in Boston does not appear to hinder the Red Sox as far as player movement goes which leads me to believe Epstein was just a puppet. Bill James is still there along with Bill Lajoie…GM by committee…So I’m not so sure of the organizational uncertainty for the BoSox.