Found the following from a Boston Herald article:

After nabbing an ace, a third baseman and a set-up man from the Florida Marlins, the Red Sox are hardly done searching for what special adviser Bill Lajoie likes to call “reinforcements.”

“Second base, we have one player who has been a regular in Alex Cora, but he may be better suited as a utility player, we’ll have to see. And then there’s a first baseman who’s a left-handed hitter and probably a right-handed hitter for the outfield,” said Lajoie yesterday, before special assistant Craig Shipley added that the team also needs to get “deeper in the bullpen.”

For the second baseman’s job, there appears to be somewhat less of an internal push to have prospect Dustin Pedroia fill the position, at least immediately. Tony Graffanino is a free agent who wants a multi-year deal to return to the club, so that is not believed to be a good fit right now for the Red Sox.

At first base, Milwaukee’s Lyle Overbay and Texas’ Adrian Gonzalez have been mentioned as trade possibilities, and so have Cincinnati’s Sean Casey, the Los Angeles Angels’ Darin Erstad and Arizona’s Chad Tracy. Travis Lee is also available on the free agent market.

If Boston has some interest in Casey, I’ve read where Clement and/or Arroyo may be available. I’d also take Youkalis and Lester for Casey.

Sure would be nice to deal Casey and his salary, rather that one of the young cheaper OFs.

Dare to dream!


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  1. al

    i would imagine that we could pry arroyo away for casey if we were willing to balance the salaries a little (the sox were pretty down on him by the end of last year), but that would require moving dunn to first, and i think he’s already said that he doesn’t want to do that.

  2. Chad

    Please, please, please, let this happen!

  3. Blue

    The only way I think the Reds could get Clement would be if they traded both Casey and Kearns to the Sox. That would work pretty well for the Red Sox, filling two of their needs, and the Reds would get a good pitcher. That might be too high a price for the Reds to pay, though. A lot of different combinations could work in a trade with the Red Sox, though.

  4. Blue

    Reds should also look at getting Miguel Bautista from the Blue Jays. They have needs in the outfield, at first, and catcher.

  5. Red Hot Mama

    I’m sure you’re right, Bill. I imagine Dunn would play anywhere they put him. He might not relish the challenge, but I doubt he’d be a prima donna about it.

    I think there’s just an undercurrent among many Reds’ fans to indulge Dunn in every way they can possibly think of in hopes of making him want to stay. I suspect, however, that bending over backwards to satisfy his every whim is not the best way to make Dunn happy with the team. Winning would probably be a more successful route.

  6. al

    RHM – i would think that reds fans who want to have adam dunn on there team might want to accomodate him a little after this last season.

    Let’s see, he had a chair stolen from him, and a sentimental jersey, and no one did him the courtesy of talking to him about when he was playing or where he was going to hit… and lo and behold he made comments about how he’d like to play for the team that routinely kicks the reds in the groin, the astros. but he was just joking around i’m sure.

    Now he’s gone out and said he doesn’t want to play first. sure he probably would next year, but how much of this is he going to take. He deserves some amount of respect for putting upp 40 HRs a year. Eventually he’s just going to tell the reds to shove it.

  7. Red Hot Mama

    Hi, al,
    My point is that indulging Dunn isn’t going to be the way to prevent him from telling the team to shove it.

    Let’s imagine some extreme examples:

    Scenario A: The Reds, feeling so bad about the chair and the jersey and the general crappy communication, trade Pena for cash and use all of that cash to buy Dunn gifts. They make him exempt from mandatory practices and set up a shrine to him in the clubhouse. The team finishes the season last in the division without much hope of improvement, but after every night in left field, Dunn lounges on his massage chair while nubile women feed him chocolate truffles.

    Scenario B: Casey is traded for some fantastic pitching and Dunn is required to play first. He isn’t abused, but he isn’t given special treatment either, being required to drop 20 pounds and step up his defensive play. The Reds finish second in the division and take the wildcard. There’s no reason to believe they won’t do it again in 2007.

    Now the question is: in which scenario is Dunn more likely to want to stay? Sure, the women are nubile, but that doesn’t make standing in the field watching your pitching give it up over and over again any less painful.

    Mistakes were made in the past for sure. But you don’t fix those mistakes now by making more mistakes the opposite direction. You go forward with a clear vision of what’s best for the team in mind.

  8. al


    I think you’re problem is that you are only considering the extremes, while it’s the eminently more likely middle ground that is important.

    Sure, if the reds could get fantastic pitching for casey, pitching that could win the wildcard, pitching they couldn’t get for kearns or pena, dunn wouldn’t have much room to complain. But that ain’t happening.

    The more likely scenario is that they can get equal or better pitching for one of the outfielders, which would allow dunn to continue to play his natural position. So in effect, the reds would be going out of their way, by getting worse pitching, to have dunn at first. To save money for the team.

    And, and this i think is an important point, i don’t think asking to play your natural position is receiving special treatment. Moving positions is a sacrafice that some players make for their teams, and they should be acknowledged for that, but dunn has made some sacrafices already, and shouldn’t be penalized for not making more right now.

    Not having to go to mandatory meetings at the office is special treatment. Not wanting to fetch coffee when that’s not in your job description is not asking for special treatment. it’s asking for fair treatment.

    I would like Dunn to hit 600+ HRs for the reds in a long world series full career. I think a good place to start down that path, is to treat him fairly.

  9. Red Hot Mama

    Hi, al,
    Wow, I haven’t had anyone tell me what my problem was since college. You ought to come tell me off at Red Hot Mama sometime. My readers hardly ever try to tell me I’m wrong.

    And since turn about is fair play, your problem is that you’ve gone from saying “reds fans who want to have adam dunn on there team might want to accomodate him” to saying “I think a good place to start down that path, is to treat him fairly.”

    If you want to indulge him, then I say you’re wrong: doing what’s best for the team is what’s most important. If you want to tream him fairly, then I agree.

    As for moving positions being a sacrifice, I think that’s a tad melodramatic. Asking for what you want is fine, and no one said it wasn’t, but players don’t get to pick where they play.