There was a blurb in yesterday’s Enquirer (by John Fay, sorry, can’t find a link to it) that confirmed that Lou Pinella was in town this week and met with the new Reds owners.

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  1. Jim

    Here is what the article said. I do not have a link either but I did print it out the other day.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    Food for thought: Sweet Lou in town

    By John Fay
    Enquirer staff writer

    There hasn’t been much Hot Stove news for the Reds, but here’s an ember for fans: Former Reds manager Lou Pinella was in Cincinnati on Monday and was spotted in the downtown building where potential new owner Robert Castellini’s offices are located.

    Castellini is in the process of buying the Reds. Alan Nero, Pinella’s agent, confirmed that Pinella was in Cincinnati.

    “He was visiting friends,” Nero told a St. Petersburg Times reporter. “Nothing is imminent, believe me.”

    Pinella managaed the Tampa Bay Devil Rays last season. He was let out of his contract to pursue other opportunities.

    Reds manager Jerry Narron is under a 1-year contract, as is general manager Dan O’Brien.

  2. Jim

    Sorry, I did not read the original post correctly.

  3. Tom

    I doubt if Lou was in town for a non-baseball reason. He wanted to stay with the Reds after the 92 season but Marge didn’t come up with the right contract. He’s into his sixties so maybe as John Fay says in todays Enquirer, a consultant/scouting job might fit at this time. I think the Reds are Lou’s favorite NL team because they trained in Tampa for 45 years.

  4. Ken

    Lou’s too young and too competitive to retire, and I can’t think of any other team that he would rather work for. He’d be uncomfortable in NY because he’d be viewed as angling for Torre’s job (who I believe is under contract for at least another two years). Except for the Dodgers, there are not many marquee managerial openings right now.

  5. Ken reported that Lou is not interested in the Dodgers’ job.