From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The Reds declined a $4.55 million option on right-hander Ramon Ortiz on Friday and turned down their $2 million mutual option with infielder Rich Aurilia.

Ortiz, who gets a $175,000 buyout and is eligible for salary arbitration, was 9-11 with a 5.36 ERA in 30 starts last season.

Aurilia, who gets a $150,000 buyout, batted .282 with 14 homers and 68 RBI last season. He becomes eligible for free agency.

On Thursday, outfielder Jacob Cruz, who hit .236 with four home runs and 18 RBI in 110 games last season, filed for free agency.

The Reds also added to their scouting staff, hiring Jim Pransky, who had been in the Oakland organization.

I could see no reason to bring Aurilla or Ortiz back and hiring another scout always seems to be a good thing.

2 Responses

  1. EricTW

    I honestly think that if the Reds are considering spending money on anything this offseason besides starting pitching, they’re spending it in the wrong place. I like Hudson, but he would be WAY down on the priority list.

  2. Larry Thompson

    I worked with Jim Pransky during his days as an Astros scout. I was his associate in Maryland, also known as a bird dog. Cincy is very lucky to get Jim Pransky! He has a great eye for talent and an even better sense of character in a player. He helped fill Houston’s minor leagues with tremendous talent, and did the same for the A’s. He was trained by the dean of scouts, Mr. Gerry Craft. I see good things in the Red’s future!