Some of the leading lights of the Reds blogosphere got together recently and had another roundtable discussion about the season that just ended, and what Reds fans can expect going forward. For some reason, they invited me to participate. Below is Part 6 of that roundtable discussion, centering on several different topics.

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And here is Part VI:

Blade: No Reds pickups on this list
sweaver: Sale of the Nationals, new cable contract…the owners will have gobs of money burning a hole in their pockets this winter
JD Arney: but the Reds probably won’t spend it
Joel: I think we’re going to see a rush of teams trying to make their mark early….that’s not the kind of world where deliberate DanO will thrive
JD Arney: maybe they’ll take on payroll with trades, but I just can’t see DanO doing anything
Chad — RN: Deliberate DanO. Bane of my existence.
JD Arney: The guy doesn’t seem to have any guts whatsoever
sweaver: Whew…got kicked out, but got back
sweaver: I’ve been kicked out of better places than this!
Blade: Kevin Brown would be the kind of guy I’d see the Reds picking up
Blade: Pointless
Chad — RN: Please, no!!!
Joel: I think the Reds will make some small pick ups…but I think the rotation next season includes Harang, Claussen, Milton, and Wilson
Joel: unfortunately
Chad — RN: Ugh.
Chad — RN: If that’s the case, with no additions, we’re no closer to contention.
sweaver: Brown has nothing left
Joel: if that is the case, then I just hope they spend money on good bullpen help
Chad — RN: And it’ll be another long season.
Blade: There’s a lot of good relievers available
sweaver: If Belisle gets a chance to join the rotation, and the defense is improved, we could actually see a staff ERA under 5
JD Arney: wouldn’t that be something?
Joel: I’m gonna wait and see what happens before I make outlandish predictions like that, Shawn
Joel: 🙂

Joel: it is getting late, why don’t we hit up some seasonal awards and call it a night
Joel: rapid fire style
Chad — RN: Sounds like a plan.
Joel: Team MVP
Blade: MVP – Felipe Lopez (also breakout player)
Chad — RN: Adam Dunn.
RHM: Griffey
sweaver: Team MVP: Dunn, with Griffey a close second
Joel: Dunn MVP
JD Arney: Felipe – MVP
sweaver: Team Cy Young: Harang.
Blade: I second Harang
Joel: Cy Young – Harang
JD Arney: Third Harang for Cy Young
Chad — RN: Harang for Cy
Joel: Coffey – RoY
Chad — RN: Belisle ROY (is he eligible?)
JD Arney: Yeah, Coffey for RoY, not much competition there
sweaver: Win Shares: Dunn 28, Griffey and Lopez 22.
Joel: no discussion, shawn….this is rapid fire!!!!
Joel: 😉
sweaver: Best rookie was Encarnacion
sweaver: Just the facts, man
sweaver: I type fast
Blade: Coffey
Blade: by default
Joel: Most important player?
Chad — RN: Was Belisle not eligible for Rookie?
Chad — RN: I felt like he had a better year.
JD Arney: yeah belisle was actually
JD Arney: he’d only pitched like 9 innings before this season
Chad — RN: Most important player: Adam Dunn.
sweaver: Belisle was a rookie last year, I think
Blade: Yeah, Dunn
sweaver: VIP was Dunn
Joel: MIP (I meant to explain that was going to into next season)
Chad — RN: Manager of the Year: Jerry Narron, with Dave Miley a close second.
sweaver: Hehehehe
sweaver: Not so close
JD Arney: Most important, going into next season … Edwin Encarnacion
Joel: I think Lopez is Most Important going into next season with Harang a close second
sweaver: Yes, how Encarnacion does in 2006 will be a big difference-maker
Chad — RN: I think Junior is the Most Important going into next season. Dunn and EdE tied for second.
Chad — RN: Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps Milton is most important. If he bounces back to his career averages, the team is improved.
Blade: I’m going to throw out a wild one. Most important for next season is Austin Kearns. He’ll finally have the season we’ve been expecting
sweaver: They are all important…maybe this should be Breakout Player…I’ll go with Kearns for that
Chad — RN: Agreed.