There were no Reds in the BBA Southern League Top 20. But BBA does mention that the league was absolutely loaded with talent:

The Double-A Southern League featured so much talent this year that our Top 20 Prospects list easily could have been expanded to include 50 players—and those at the bottom of the list might very well have made the Top 20 in other leagues. Not only did the SL have depth, but the quality of its best prospects also set it apart.


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  1. Tom

    The following are some notes regarding the Reds in the BBA Southern League Chat Wrap:

    Q: rob yontz from st louis mo asks:
    Did any Chattanooga Lookouts come anywhere near the top 20?

    A: Aaron Fitt: Nope. Not even close. Chris Denorfia was the best prospect in that group, and he probably checks in as the 45th to 50th best prospect in the league.

    Q: chad balog from new york asks:
    What about Chris Denorfia? Is he considered a prospect in the Southern League or the International League.

    A: Aaron Fitt: Denorfia does everything right, but nothing jumps out at you. He’s a guy any manager would take on his team in a heartbeat – he works hard, he’s a good hitter who covers the plate pretty well, stays within his own ability, doesn’t swing too hard. As one manager said, he’s the kidn of guy where you see him three games, you say, he’s all right. You see him a lot, you say, he’s a good player. But in a league this talented it was hard for him to stand out, because his tools are nothing special.


  2. Michael Howes

    The Reds top hitter, and player who was in the top 20 in the league in run production was none other than D’Angelo Jimenez. At 27 he sure isn’t a prospect but I should also point out that 7 of the top 20 hitters in the league were 26 or older.

    Dumatrait make the top 20 in the league in RAR and is still only 23.

    27 Jimenez
    23 Hanigan
    22 Smitherman
    18 Denorfia
    17 Howard

    29 Dumatrait
    21 Hall
    6 Salmon
    5 Nelson
    5 Basham

    You can see how quickly Reds pitching drops off.