The Reds didn’t place anyone in Baseball Americas Florida State League Top Twenty List. But they did field a couple of questions regarding Reds prospects in the FSL Chat Wrap. Here’s what they had to say about the Red’s FSL prospects:

Q: Dave from CT asks:
What is your opinion of Reds Perez, Votto, Himes, and Moran in the field or Pelland, Shafer, Guevara, or Medlock on the mound? Any ML regulars in that group? Thanks for your time.

A: JJ Cooper: That’s a long list. The guy who was closest to making the list (although he wasn’t a 20-25 kinda guy) was Pelland. He showed a live arm although he needs to improve his breaking ball and his command. He has some work to do, but he has probably the best upside of the group. Perez wowed observers with his glove behind the plate, but he has some work to do at the plate to be a major league regular at catcher. Votto still has power, runs pretty well for his size and can handle first base but there are some concerns about his bat speed and his ability to handle the inside fastball.

Q: Jason from Cincinnati asks:
I know that Joey Votto didn’t have the year that he was expected to have, but why was he snubbed from the list?

A: JJ Cooper: Guys, a reminder, not making a top 20 list is not a snub, it just means they didn’t make the list. When you consider that two of our top 50 prospects in the game before the season (Dopirak and Humber) are No. 18 and No. 20, it’s a pretty clear sign that it’s a hard list to make. Votto has power potential, but there are concerns about his bat speed. He wasn’t right on the edge of making the list, but he’s still a prospect, especially as he’s one of the better power prospects in the Reds system.