Why did Randy Keisler get the remaining four starts left in the rotation spot left after Luke Hudson was removed? I can think of nine pitchers I’d have rather seen get those four starts.

Matt Belisle
Justin Germano
Elizardo Ramirez
Josh Hancock
Jim Serrano
Ben Kozlowski
Josh Hall
Phil Dumatrait
Bobby Basham

We’d already seen Keisler out of the pen for a while and know he’s not going to be a factor on the staff, other than possibly a LH long man. I’d have liked to have seen one of these other arms have gotten those four starts. I’d think the fans would have liked to have seen Germano to see what we got in return from the Randa deal.


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  1. al

    amen to that. just talking with a friend about watching the reds and couldn’t really get any excitement going for keisler’s start.

    The only thing loosing teams have to show their fans at the end of the year is the promising prospects that might be around in the future.