Well, that just about sums up the season.

I’ve watched 95% of this year’s games, very faithfully. I’m finally sick of them. I wish the season were over. This team is a complete joke.

2 Responses

  1. tom

    Mr. Lindner, with his two billion in assets, is one of the richest owners in MLB, but he lacks the passion and desire to field a winner with the big boys. Until we get somebody who’s passionate and willing to spend the money, the Reds will stay in the lower half of the division. Then, hopefully, someday, a new owner will come in and get rid of Allen and O’Brien. It took forever for Mike to bring in Marvin, but it did finally happen.

  2. gammadub

    I cant belive it either ! Its getting real hard to keep watching them lose! Dissappointing to say the least. They need to at least try and earn the huge salaries they receive!