The Enquirer writes that OB will return for 2006.

John Allen is quoted as saying:

“Dan’s done everything we’ve asked of him,” Allen said. “He’s a done a good job.”

HUH? The guy was given a $15M increase in payroll and achieved the same results and he did “everthing we’ve asked of him”?
The article talks about the solid years by Aurilla, Weathers, and Mercker and the club’s record (5 over .500) under Narron as having saved his job.

His flops (Reitsma trade, Milton signing, and Weber signing) were all put together in one sentence as if the Weber flop and the Milton flop have the same significance.

Says his mandate was to rebuild the minor league system and Allen says:

“We’re moving along with that,”

I guess keeping him for the final year makes sense with the team being up for sale.

Assuming they bring Narron back, will they give him more than a one year contract?

If you were Narron, would you accept a one year deal from a GM who is on shaky ground, with one year left on his contract, for a team with the majority of the ownership up for sale?

5 Responses

  1. tom

    ‘No comment’ O’B back for another year of the ‘same old,same old.’

  2. Glenn

    OB can thank Narron for saving his job. Had the Reds continued on the same route ast he first half of the season, I think it would have been certain that OB would have been shown the door.
    Like you, orange and brown, I don’t see the Reds signing Narron to a long term deal. However, if at some point during next season it becomes certain that Narron has righted the ship, let’s show him the money.

  3. Glenn

    Dear Devil, I’m with you on the list of possible mgr’s. I’d love to see a name guy come into Cincy to provide some luster and show this time how baseball is supposed to be played. (and then reality set in) The thing to always keep in the front of your mind it that the Reds do everything on the cheap. First and foremost, Narron’s the guy because he’ll work for less money. Secondly, I think OB owes him big time. Without Narron, OB would be looking for a job.

  4. Glenn

    I’m not sure who actually brought Narron into the organization. But Narron got here shortly after OB arrived, of course everyone knows the two were together in TX. Tracy would be high on my list too.