Here’s a game thread. Can the Reds salvage a split of the series with the Bucs? Isn’t it sad that we have to ask that question?

Eric Milton on the hill today. Discuss.

UPDATE: Sheesh, Milton stinks. Six runs allowed in 2/3 of an inning.

And Milton and Luke Hudson in the same game? It’s like a bad dream.

8 Responses

  1. chris o

    can we afford to have milton on the team in 06?

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Good grief. What are the Bengals doing?

    Okay, I’m sorry, emotion got the best of me there. The Reds have scored a bunch too, and now get to hit off of 2002’s #1 draftpick Bullington in his major-league debut. And now it’s all tied up. How ’bout that?

  3. Jim McCullough

    On the bright side, he did keep the ball in the park.

    The Larue/Valentin combo have 26 HRs and 102 RBIs. Not bad for $3.5 million in payroll.

  4. Chris

    For a while there, about six weeks ago, it looked like Milton was making some progress. That lasted about two weeks. At this point, I really think they ought to seriously consider releasing him if he doesn’t show major improvement next spring.

  5. DevilsAdvocate

    Ugh. Belisle’s looked pretty bad lately.

    By the way, anybody want to hazard a guess as to when Miguel Perez will get into a game? With LaRue and Valentin being as ‘en fuego’ as they’ve been, it may only happen if there’s a game in which the Reds are down 22-3 in the ninth. So when does Milton pitch next?

  6. Jim McCullough

    Hats off to Hudson for a nice relief effort.

  7. al

    how bad is it when the guy you just took out of the rotation comes in to releive and eventually show up your would be ace who has an ERA of 7?

  8. Joel

    Aw, Milton’s ERA is only 6.84. Geez, exagerrate much? 😛