Randy Keisler takes the hill for the first time tonight for the Reds, taking Luke Hudson’s place in the rotation.

How will he do? Discuss!

4 Responses

  1. Chad

    I’m not sure this Randy Keisler experiment is going to work.

  2. Chad

    And can someone explain why Jerry Narron would bring in Allan Simpson, of all people, to protect a one run lead in the bottom of the eighth?

    Fortunately, Mercker and Belisle were able to come in and put out the fire. Those two guys have really been pretty good this year, haven’t they?

  3. Chad

    Was that Mr. Double Play or Mr. Double? 😆

    Way to go, Mayor!!! Three run double to put the Reds ahead!

  4. Glenn

    I know he’s a little bit of a winer, and just about all of us have been on his case at some point during this season (especially me), but Aurillia has put together a pretty solid season. He wasn’t that far from being out of the league, but this season may have earned him a couple more in the bigs.