Joel, over at Reds (and Blues) suddenly realized that the Reds are still playing:

Did you know the Reds are still playing baseball? Yeah, it’s true. I saw it on TV with my own eyes last night. And here I thought they had quit months ago, but lo and behold they’re in Chicago right now.

Heh. He also has some perspective on where the Reds are right now:

But the loss pretty much assures a fifth place finish for the Reds this season. With just 18 games remaining, the Reds sit 4.5 games behind the Cubs for fourth place. Even if the Reds win their remaining game against the Cubs on Thursday night, they would have to hope for a big flop by the Cubs in the last two weeks of the season to even have a shot.

We know the Cubs have such a flop in them, but with the Reds playing Cardinals, Phillies, and Brewers in 13 of their remaining games, it’s hard to imagine them holding up their end of the bargain at this point. Let’s just hope they don’t get swept by the Pirates this weekend and start threatening to finish in the basement.