Here’s a game thread. Let’s hope the Reds can continue the power they displayed last night.

With Eric Milton on the mound, someone is likely to be hitting balls out of Wrigley Field. I’m just not sure the home run hitters are going to be Reds.

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  1. Chad

    Well, it only took three batters for Milton to give up a homer. Sheesh.

    Put me out of my misery.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    EdE’s still got a ways to go, especially in the field, but at the plate he’s certainly showing his power potential.

  3. Chad

    True, but he has made some incredible plays in the field, as well. I think he has real potential defensively, but, as you note, he has some work to do.

    He’ll be a star if the Reds will just let him play for the next ten years.

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    Felipe with #20! Thank goodness he finally got there – he’s been ice-cold for a long while, and stuck on 19 HR.

  5. DevilsAdvocate

    Oh yeah, and he tied the game at 3. But it’s individual accomplishments we must revel in now, at this stage of the Reds’ season.

  6. Jim McCullough

    This pitching staff certainly is streaky but at least there are some good streaks.

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    So that’s a quality start for Milton…assuming they don’t do anything crazy like bring him out for the seventh. Best not to push your luck with him.

  8. Chad

    Nice to see Scott Williamson again. He was one of my favorite Reds when he was in Cincinnati.

    I hope he gets straightened out, and gets past all the injuries, and goes on to have a successful career.

  9. DevilsAdvocate

    It is nice to see Williamson back. He was great in ’99, and he seems like a good guy and a no-nonsense hard worker who did what McKeon asked of him. But as a closer he gave me a heart attack. He nearly always got it done, but seemingly every outing went something like this:

    Williamson relieved Sullivan.
    Four-pitch walk.
    Wild pitch, runner moves to 2nd.
    Double, runner falls down and is thrown out at home.
    Intentional walk.
    Hit by pitch.
    Foul pop-out.
    Deep flyball caught at the wall, game over.

    Boy, his statlines look awfully good, though. And I wish him all the success in the world…I just hope he gets out of Chicago to do it.

  10. DevilsAdvocate

    Just to be clear, that’s a totally fabricated example outing.

  11. DevilsAdvocate

    Oh, boy. Defense has been atrocious tonight.

  12. DevilsAdvocate

    Defense has been atrocious tonight. Ha ha.

    Finally cost them the game, in the end.