Ken Griffey, Jr. will not play another game this season.

That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it, though I hope that I’m wrong. Far too often, I’ve seen the Reds be less-than-candid about injuries and I’ve seen the Reds misdiagnose injuries even more often. Every time Junior gets hurt, they initially say that it’s not serious, then he ends up being out for three months.

Again, I hope I’m wrong. But I’ll be surprised if we see Junior on the field again this season.

UPDATE: Wow, that didn’t take long. As Bill points out in the comments below, it appears that I might be exactly right. From the DDN, under a subheader “Reds center fielder’s foot appears to be worse than team is saying”:

The team says Ken Griffey Jr.’s injury is a strained right foot and he is day-to-day, but it is more serious than that, according to a source with firsthand knowledge who asked not to be named.

The Cincinnati Reds center fielder actually pulled part of a tendon off the bone, “Potentially a serious situation, potentially a season-ending injury,” the source said.


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  1. Glenn

    Chad, I too hope that your info is wrong. My only question is, if the injury is as serious as a tendon pulled away from the bone, why would Junior be taking batting practice? Why wouldn’t the Reds just say Griff won’t be back this year? The Reds are not playoff bound. If he’s hurt seriously enough to end the season, why not just say so?