Who is the Reds MVP? It’s gotta be either Griffey or Dunn, doesn’t it? Maybe Harang?

According to Jerry Narron, it might be Rich Aurilia.

That’s as moronic a statement as I’ve heard all year. Equally moronic will be the announcement after the season that Sean Casey has been named Reds MVP.

4 Responses

  1. Brian

    Why wasn’t he dealt before 09/01?

    Becauyse he has a home OPS .410 points better than a road OPS, limited range and an inflated opinion of himself.

    Other than that I don’t know why he’s still here other than Freel ain’t coming back this year.

  2. Glenn

    If Aurillia has been so valuable, why isn’t he playing?

  3. Glenn

    Sorry, guys I just found out Aurillia’s been sick all week. My bust.

  4. Tyler

    While his ERA and WHIP are quite respectable, his won-loss record is not.

    W-L record is meaningless when you’re looking at how good a pitcher is. So just because Harang hasn’t won the most games, doesn’t make him any less our “ace”.

    That said, Griffey has to be the MVP with everything he’s done. He’s been the best player overall. Dunn and Lopez could make a strong case, but, Jr’s numbers are to good to ignore.