For some reason, I thought I had already posted a gameday discussion thread. Oops.

Here you go. The game is in the third inning, and Junior has already hit a homer. Heck, Aaron Holbert had a hustle double. I love that kid. Well, he’s not really a kid, but….

6 Responses

  1. Chad

    Man, Encarnacion has shown some flashes of brilliance in the field. His arm is fantastic.

    He’s going to be so good, it’s almost scary.

  2. Chad

    Get Ortiz out of the game…he’s gone five good innings. I don’t think he can go longer than that.

  3. Chad

    I hope Aaron Holbert is on the Reds bench next year as a backup infielder. I’ll take him over Luis Lopez or Rey Olmedo any day of the week.