Since we are playing the Astros tonight I though I would take a look at their roster. I also heard on some ESPN show that he probably wouldn’t win the Cy Young because he doesn’t have enough Wins. To that, I say WTF?

Anybody who votes against Roger Clemens because he doesn’t have enough wins needs to have their voting rights revoked.

He has had one outing where he allowed 3 runs, and one outing where he allowed 4 runs and one outing where he allowed 5 runs. In the other 24 outings he has allowed 2 runs 6 times, 1 run 7 times, and 0 runs 11 times.

On a good offensive team he could easily be 24-3. On a great offensive team he could be 27-0. Because of the team he plays on his record is 11-6. This is a great example where wins and losses tell you nothing about a pitchers performance. In 7 games where he gave up one run he is 0-6 with a no decision.

6 Responses

  1. Matt

    But you don’t give a Cy YOung to the player with the most or least run support. You SHOULD give the Cy Young to the best pitcher.

  2. Matt

    He has had a lack of support. Maybe other pitchers have had less support, but they haven’t pitched as well.

    I think we are saying the same thing.

  3. Brian B.

    Clemens should designate the Astros for assignment.

  4. Matt

    Is this our Chris from southern Cal?

    Are you crazy? When a pitcher gives up 1 run in 7 innings and takes a LOSS! You are saying it is his fault? That is beyond crazy. Chris Carpenter is the 2nd best pitcher in the NL on the one of the best offensive teams in the NL. That is the only reason he has 19-4 record. On the astros he would have a .500 W-L record.

  5. Scott

    Clemens’ run support average is skewed by a couple of outliers (3 games in which the Astros scored 14, 8 and 9 runs, respectively). Remove those three (out of 27 starts) and his run support is only 2.46 runs/game rather than 3.61. Carpenter’s run support? 5.18. This award should not just go to Clemens, but it should be a unanimous vote.

  6. Chad

    That’s a different Chris, Matt. But he’s still welcome here! 😀