Last Night

Columbus 2, Louisville 1

Chris “What in the Hell do I have to do?” Booker pitched 2 innings striking out all six batters. He now has a 2.30 ERA with 79 Ks in 58 innings. He has walked 26, given up 42 hits and 1 homer. Wouldn’t want that up here in Cincy, now would we.


Carolina 5, Chattanooga 0

highlights? Nope…none.

A (high)

Tampa 8, Sarasota, 2

23 year old CF Chris Dickerson went 2 for 4 with a homer. He is now hitting .242/.338/.394.

A (low)

Dayton was idle.


Billings 4, Orem 3

Abe Woody, a 31st round pick in 2005. Struck out 2 in an inning to earn his 10th save. The 22 year old has a 1.86 era in 19.2 innings. he has 27 ks and 2 walks.

GCL Pirates 19, GCL Reds 2

My mom used to say if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.