Marc Lancaster reports in the Post that the Reds have chosen their six players to participate in the upcoming Arizona Fall League.

The Reds have selected the six players that will represent the organization in the prestigious Arizona Fall League.

Outfielder Chris Denorfia (Louisville), infielders Kevin Howard (Chattanooga) and Joey Votto (Sarasota), catcher Ryan Hanigan (Chattanooga) and relievers Allan Simpson (Louisville) and Bubba Nelson (Chattanooga) will make the trip to the desert.

They’ll play for the Mesa Solar Sox in the six-team league that consists of high-level prospects from every major league organization. Louisville’s Chris Lapole will serve as trainer for the Solar Sox.

I look forward to seeing how Votto and Nelson perform there.


4 Responses

  1. Chad

    I’m a big fan of Hanigan. I’d like to see him contribute in the majors at some point. He’s 25, but he has excellent on-base skills.

  2. Jim McCullough

    Is Nelson showing that much promise? The strikeouts per innings are nice but…

  3. Tom

    Yeah, who is Bubba Smith. 🙂 I meant Nelson. Thanks for catching that.

    My feeling was that Nelson has shown a little promise this year. This was his first year in the bullpen after a fair showing at AA last season, and a terrible stint at AAA. Comparing his rate stats to his AA numbers from last year, H/9 -1, W/9 +1, WHIP Even, and K/9 +3. So walk rate aside, I don’t he did too bad given he was adjusting to being in the bullpen this year.