In the Dayton Daily News, Hal McCoy muses over the potential Sept. callups for the Reds.

As Narron likes to say it the way former Texas manager Johnny Oates said it, “It isn’t written in see-ment,” but it looks as if the Reds will call up pitchers Chris Booker and Alan Simpson when rosters expand Sept. 1.

One position player is possible, but probably not necessary because Ryan Freel will come off the disabled list. And pitcher Josh Hancock also should be available by then. Catcher Dane Sardinha was a possibility, but he is injured.

General manager Dan O’Brien said the team wouldn’t call up players unless they would contribute innings or at-bats.

“Booker has a done a great job and deserves it if he is called up and Simpson has a great arm,” said Narron.

Denorfia and Bergolla are the only position players I’d be interested in seeing brought up. It’d sure be terrible if Aurilia was dealt and Bergolla had to get 100 ABs in the eighth spot, huh? 😉

I’m also surprised that there is no mention of Germano, Ramirez, Serrrano, Kozlowski, Nelson, or Hall, all whom I’d recall before Simpson.


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  1. tony bowling

    Germano was dealt to the Phillies after he started one game for us, so I doubt he would be called up anytime soon, Homer is who we need….. smart guy!