AHH, don’t shoot the messenger!

CNNSI’s John Donovan says the Reds and White Sox need to make this happen

The Reds need a hand, too, but unlike the Sox, they’re in such bad organizational straits right now that it’s going to take much more than a strategic roster move here or there to get them out of the ditch. It’s going to take an overhaul, a complete change of attitude. It should start with one bold move: Cincinnati needs to trade Ken Griffey Jr

Has the past few weeks not meant anything? I know our season is down the tubes but doesn’t the past few weeks prove that with some decent pitching, this team can win games? If you take our pitching performances over the past month and multiply them over the long haul, this team is contending for the wild card.

The Reds are playing a lot better than the Sox right now. Cincinnati has gone 23-14 since the break. No National League club has scored more runs in the past six weeks. The Reds have pounded out 67 homers since the break, 19 more than the second-place Cubs, and in two fewer games.

So why do the Reds have to make this move?

Sometimes, things just make too much sense to happen.

To Who???

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  1. Scott

    All media members apparently now believe that talented players belong only on LA/NY/Chicago/Boston-based teams. God forbid a team in a Minnesota, Cincinnati or Detroit have the nerve to decide to keep its talented players.

  2. Brian B.

    Donovan: “Griffey’s deal is a drainer, $12.5 million a year over the next three years and millions more in deferred money.”

    The Reds pay Griffey only $6 million up front each year. The other $6.5 million of his annual salary is paid from 2009-2024.

    I don’t know what he thinks the Reds record would have been since the All Star break without Griffey. Why can’t people like Donovan write an article on a good Casey-to-the-White-Sox trade? Oh that’s right . . it wouldn’t get many Google hits.

  3. Brian B.

    Scott, I like the part where John Donovan jabs at Lindner for being tight-fisted and then suggests it would be better to get rid of their big contracts.

    Which is it John? Do you want Cincinnati to dump its stars and big contracts, or do you think they should spend more money?

  4. shaun

    Griffey shall remain a Red for his 3 more years until its Jay Bruce’s turn. No reason to trade a productive CF especially if we are eating his contract.

  5. Brian B.

    The Reds budget most of the deferred money each year so they can purchase annuities that will pay Griffey after 2009.

    Donovan was claiming that there was deferred money on top of the $12.5 million paid each year.

  6. Glenn

    After all the injuries and lost games, why now that Griffey is healthy and having a solid season, would we trade him? The Reds are finally getting what they paid for. He’s a solid player and a solid citizen. He puts butts in the seats. He is the team’s marquis player. Dunn is on the way to superstardom, but he’s not quite there yet. If this is handled right, just a Griff fades away, Dunn is burning his brightest. It makes business sense to keep Griffey. I’d like to keep Casey, but I see the logic in a trade for pitching. A trade of Griffey at this time doesn’t make that much sense to me.

  7. Joel

    I can see positives to either side of the trade Griffey debate, but if they do it, they better get some immediate value in return. When he’s healthy, he may be the most productive hitter on the team (and I’m not just talking about this season), but the injury risk is higher for him given the nature of the repairs that he’s been through. I love to watch him play, so I am all for keeping him, but if the crystal ball says that they can get themselves over the top by trading him, then you have to do it.

    Now if we can just find one of them magical crystal balls…

  8. Joel

    Oh, and I forgot to say, that Donovan is clearly blinded by the town that he writes for. I put little credence in what the external media thinks the Reds should do, especially when their plan involves improving their own local team.

  9. Glenn

    Jim, you are exactly right. This team is not that far from being a contender. I just wish we could develop our own pitching prospects instead of trading away front line players to assemble a decent staff.

  10. Brian B.

    Agreed, Jim and Glenn. This team needs that one big starter who can put the team on his back. You get that with guys like Curt Schilling or Pete Harnisch, even when they don’t perform at their best. Now we just need to find one.

  11. Chad

    I like the part where he says that the Reds have scored more runs than any NL team over the last six weeks.

    Ummmmm….no National League team has scored more runs all year. The Reds lead the league.

  12. Glenn

    Peter, Griffey might have “said” that he doesn’t like to work out, but its obvious from the shape he’s in and the season that he’s had, that he’s done the work. He might hate it but he’s worked harder than alot of multi-millionare, first ballot hall of famers would have.

  13. Rob

    Big rumor going around of a three way deal

    Boston Gets: Dunn, Griffey, Matsui
    Mets Get: Manny, Shoppach
    Reds Get: L. Miledge, Arroyo, Nixon, Heilman,

    Heilman may or may not go to Reds