Hank over at Only Baseball Matters has this post about the resurgent Ken Griffey, Jr., and this season’s place in history for The Kid:

As Griffey continues to climb up the home run leader board (he should pass Jimmy Foxx and Mickey Mantle in the coming weeks), it will be interesting to see when people start paying attention to him again. Suddenly, Hank Aaron’s mark is back in play for Griffey. If he can manage to stay relatively healthy, he could join Aaron, Ruth, and Bonds in the 700 Club sometime in 2010 at age 39, and 755 might be within reach. With the health questions surrounding Barry Bonds, Griffey just might be the one.

You always have a lot of “ifs” and “mights” and “coulds” when you talk about Griffey, but as he’s showing us this season, you can’t stop talking about him.

Indeed. Junior has been a joy to watch this year.

Go read the rest of the post. Lots of other good stuff, including some surprising charts.