As the 2005 Rookie Seasons wind down, I thought I’d take a look at how the Reds 2005 draft picks have fared this season…

#1 pick…CF Jay Bruce, 18… .270 BA/.326 OBP/.500 SLG His slugging is 4th in the GCL according to today’s Cincinnati Enquirer. I’ll be interested to see where he’s assigned next year.

#2 LHP Travis Wood, 18 Started the year in the GCL, had a .75 ERA in 24 IP/13H/7 BB/45 K, was promoted to
Billings where he’s 1.50 ERA, 6 IP, 3 H, 5 BB, 5 K

#3 RHP Zach Ward, 21 Earlier this year I had him on the Billings roster, the MinorLeagueBaseball website says he’s at Sarasota, but they don’t list any stats for him in either place. I wonder if he’s injured.

#4 RHP Sam LeCure, 21 Billings 3.86/28IP/29H/9BB/31K I think I’ll probably be seeing Mr. LeCure in Dayton next year. He might even start in Sarasota.

#5 RHP James Avery, 21 Started in the GCL where he had a 2.12 ERA/17 IP/16H/3BB/18 K, which earned him a promotion to Dayton. He’s yet to be scored on in 2 IP at Dayton and is starting for the Dragons tonight.

#6 RHP Jeff Stevens, 22 Billings 3.44/36 2/3 IP/29 H 8 BB/44 K. Looks like another Dragon next year to me. Possibly Sarasota.

#7 OF Brandon Roberts, 20 Billings .315/.376/.435 Also has 23 SB in 27 attempts. I’m wondering why he’s not been promoted to Dayton, considering the injury problems the Dragons have faced.

#8 SS Michael Jones, 18 GCL .188/.242/.259 and has made 16 errors in 24 games. If he’s promoted, I can’t see him being any higher than Billings. A return to the GCL seems like it might be the best bet.

#10 RHP Bo Lanier, 22, Started the season in Billings where he had a 6.23 ERA/4 1/3 IP/ 8H/4BB/3K and he was sent to the GCL to learn another pitch and work on becoming a starter. Been effective at the GCL, with a 3.75 ERA in 24 IP/17H/12BB/16K. He’s made 3 starts in the GCL, with 9 overall appearances.

#11 RHP Carlos Fisher, 22, Billings 4.35 ERA/39 1/3 IP/44 H/13 BB/33K

#12 SS Adam Rosales, 22, Started the year in Billings where he was .321/.396/.529 through 34 games and was promoted to Dayton where, in 20 games, he’s put up .322/.371/.575. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started next season with Sarasota. Fastest climber of the draft thus far.

#13 RHP Logan Ordrusek, 20 Billings, 6.08/ 40 IP/53H/16BB/38K Is 6’8″ and 195 according to

#14 Infielder Michael Griffin, 21 Billings .263/.404/.421, but has appeared in only 13 games.

#15 2B Mike De Jesus, 22 Billings .246/.419/.325

#16 RHP Jason Vecchio, 21, Billings 5.06 ERA/5.1 IP/5H/2BB/8K only appeared in 5 games

#17 LHP David Wilson, 22 Billings 5.68 ERA/31 2/3 IP/ 35H/8BB/24K With his WHIP of 1.36, it seems like his ERA should be better than 5.68.

#18 SS Kevin Feiner, 18 GCL .253/.301/.287 4 BB in 87 AB

#19 SS Eric Eymann, 21 GCL .189/.259/.245

#20 1B Ben Mummy, 21 Billings .213/.323/.362

#23 LHP James Morris, 22, Billings .5.14/14IP/14H/11BB/11K 12 games/14 IP

#24 1B Taylor Johnson, 22 GCL .170/.284/.260 Was drafted as a shortstop, but turned into a first baseman in Sarasota.

#29 RHP Kevin Haltiwanger, 21 GCL 2.04 ERA/35 1/3 IP/27 H/13BB/26 K 12 games pitched, 3 starts. Kevin seems to me to have earned a promotion at least to Billings, hopefully to Dayton.

#30 C Mark Rodriguez, 22 Started the season in Billings where he put up .278/.435/.389 numbers, and even pitched a scoreless inning, but was demoted to the GCL Reds. I think he was sent back to the GCL b/c he could speak English and the other catchers on that squad could not and communication with the pitching staff was a problem. Since his arrival in the GCL, he’s had .100/.300/.100. If the only reason he was sent back was b/c he speaks English, this kid was hosed. If this is true, then I hope someone in the organization remembers that he took one for the team here.

#31 RHP Abe Woody, 22 Billings 2.45 ERA/14 2/3 IP/15H 1 BB/20K 15 G, 14 2/3 IP, no starts Might have been a late signing as the MinorLeagueBaseball website only shows him being with the team since 7/05.

#32 C Chris Denove, 22 Billings .260/.383/.370

#33 3B Angel Colon, 21 GCL .252/.348/.359

#34 LHP Bandon Camardese. 22 Billings 3.76 ERA/26 1/3 IP/31H/8BB/23K 10 games, 3 starts

#47 OF Matt Garrett, 20 GCL .177/.261/.194

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  1. Chad

    Great post! I’d like to keep watching these guys.

    Perhaps I should put up a link in the sidebar so we can keep track of these draft picks. I’ll get on that.