As the 2005 Rookie Seasons wind down, I thought I’d take a look at how the Reds 2005 draft picks have fared this season…

#1 pick…CF Jay Bruce, 18… .270 BA/.326 OBP/.500 SLG His slugging is 4th in the GCL according to today’s Cincinnati Enquirer. I’ll be interested to see where he’s assigned next year.

#2 LHP Travis Wood, 18 Started the year in the GCL, had a .75 ERA in 24 IP/13H/7 BB/45 K, was promoted to
Billings where he’s 1.50 ERA, 6 IP, 3 H, 5 BB, 5 K

#3 RHP Zach Ward, 21 Earlier this year I had him on the Billings roster, the MinorLeagueBaseball website says he’s at Sarasota, but they don’t list any stats for him in either place. I wonder if he’s injured.

#4 RHP Sam LeCure, 21 Billings 3.86/28IP/29H/9BB/31K I think I’ll probably be seeing Mr. LeCure in Dayton next year. He might even start in Sarasota.

#5 RHP James Avery, 21 Started in the GCL where he had a 2.12 ERA/17 IP/16H/3BB/18 K, which earned him a promotion to Dayton. He’s yet to be scored on in 2 IP at Dayton and is starting for the Dragons tonight.

#6 RHP Jeff Stevens, 22 Billings 3.44/36 2/3 IP/29 H 8 BB/44 K. Looks like another Dragon next year to me. Possibly Sarasota.

#7 OF Brandon Roberts, 20 Billings .315/.376/.435 Also has 23 SB in 27 attempts. I’m wondering why he’s not been promoted to Dayton, considering the injury problems the Dragons have faced.

#8 SS Michael Jones, 18 GCL .188/.242/.259 and has made 16 errors in 24 games. If he’s promoted, I can’t see him being any higher than Billings. A return to the GCL seems like it might be the best bet.

#10 RHP Bo Lanier, 22, Started the season in Billings where he had a 6.23 ERA/4 1/3 IP/ 8H/4BB/3K and he was sent to the GCL to learn another pitch and work on becoming a starter. Been effective at the GCL, with a 3.75 ERA in 24 IP/17H/12BB/16K. He’s made 3 starts in the GCL, with 9 overall appearances.

#11 RHP Carlos Fisher, 22, Billings 4.35 ERA/39 1/3 IP/44 H/13 BB/33K

#12 SS Adam Rosales, 22, Started the year in Billings where he was .321/.396/.529 through 34 games and was promoted to Dayton where, in 20 games, he’s put up .322/.371/.575. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started next season with Sarasota. Fastest climber of the draft thus far.

#13 RHP Logan Ordrusek, 20 Billings, 6.08/ 40 IP/53H/16BB/38K Is 6’8″ and 195 according to

#14 Infielder Michael Griffin, 21 Billings .263/.404/.421, but has appeared in only 13 games.

#15 2B Mike De Jesus, 22 Billings .246/.419/.325

#16 RHP Jason Vecchio, 21, Billings 5.06 ERA/5.1 IP/5H/2BB/8K only appeared in 5 games

#17 LHP David Wilson, 22 Billings 5.68 ERA/31 2/3 IP/ 35H/8BB/24K With his WHIP of 1.36, it seems like his ERA should be better than 5.68.

#18 SS Kevin Feiner, 18 GCL .253/.301/.287 4 BB in 87 AB

#19 SS Eric Eymann, 21 GCL .189/.259/.245

#20 1B Ben Mummy, 21 Billings .213/.323/.362

#23 LHP James Morris, 22, Billings .5.14/14IP/14H/11BB/11K 12 games/14 IP

#24 1B Taylor Johnson, 22 GCL .170/.284/.260 Was drafted as a shortstop, but turned into a first baseman in Sarasota.

#29 RHP Kevin Haltiwanger, 21 GCL 2.04 ERA/35 1/3 IP/27 H/13BB/26 K 12 games pitched, 3 starts. Kevin seems to me to have earned a promotion at least to Billings, hopefully to Dayton.

#30 C Mark Rodriguez, 22 Started the season in Billings where he put up .278/.435/.389 numbers, and even pitched a scoreless inning, but was demoted to the GCL Reds. I think he was sent back to the GCL b/c he could speak English and the other catchers on that squad could not and communication with the pitching staff was a problem. Since his arrival in the GCL, he’s had .100/.300/.100. If the only reason he was sent back was b/c he speaks English, this kid was hosed. If this is true, then I hope someone in the organization remembers that he took one for the team here.

#31 RHP Abe Woody, 22 Billings 2.45 ERA/14 2/3 IP/15H 1 BB/20K 15 G, 14 2/3 IP, no starts Might have been a late signing as the MinorLeagueBaseball website only shows him being with the team since 7/05.

#32 C Chris Denove, 22 Billings .260/.383/.370

#33 3B Angel Colon, 21 GCL .252/.348/.359

#34 LHP Bandon Camardese. 22 Billings 3.76 ERA/26 1/3 IP/31H/8BB/23K 10 games, 3 starts

#47 OF Matt Garrett, 20 GCL .177/.261/.194

3 Responses

  1. Chad

    Great post! I’d like to keep watching these guys.

    Perhaps I should put up a link in the sidebar so we can keep track of these draft picks. I’ll get on that.

  2. Bill

    To me, the interesting thing will be where they are next year. I’ve never paid much attention to this progress up the I don’t know what’s a reasonable jump and what is not.

  3. Shawn

    I usually figure, if you succeed at one level, you should move up. If you don’t, you shouldn’t. If you dominate a league, you might jump two notches. But that’s rare. I’m not usually in favor of midseason jumps unless a guy has the opposition clearly outclassed.