I went to the game tonight. Despite the loss, it was a fairly entertaining game.

Hudson looked great until the fifth. I mean, he was cruising, then the wheels just fell off.

I’ll be there tomorrow, too. Let’s hope Ramon Ortiz pitches another gem like he did in his last outing.

3 Responses

  1. Blue

    Hudson made a fine case for being moved to the bullpen, tonight. Untouchable the first time they saw him, less so the second time through the order.

    Does anyone think the Reds will trade Griffey before next season? I found John Allen’s recent quote – about not saying that they aren’t trading Griffey because if someone offers them a number one starter, they would trade him – telling. Anyone think there will be such an offer?

  2. tom

    If the White Sox include an above average pitcher I think it will go off before the season ends. Junior has said some nice things about Chicago and the Pale Hose have the pitching to win it all. With Thomas injured, Griffey fills a need and has the chance to finally be on a Series winner.

  3. Brian B.

    I was at this game too.

    I think wildness is the second biggest problem for Hudson. The first is definitely “wheels fallig off.” I brought my mom to the game (she hadn’t seen GABP yet) and was telling her the whole that Hudson just needs to keep his head in the game once a couple guys get on base. But he just can’t do that. I think it will come though, and he’ll be a solid dependable starter soon.